Dating in the Facebook Age

Well, IFYL fans it looks like we have all become cowards when it comes to interpersonal relationships. My researchers just found this survey from a company that conducts consumer market research through social networks. They found that more than one-third of adults have broken up via Facebook, text messages or email. And 40 percent of the people surveyed said they would use technology in the future to break up, if the situation were to arise.

More than half of the people surveyed said they change their Facebook relationship status immediately after a break-up, even before telling friends or waiting until the other person changes theirs.

And here’s further proof that dating has become a full blown research project: most people surveyed said they don’t wait until they talk to their first date anymore to learn about their new love interest.

*57 percent friend the other person on Facebook before the date.

*29 percent use social media networks to research them before going out.

*26 percent say they use Google or Yahoo to investigate the person before the first date.

  I guess there is good and bad in this because ladies…you don’t want to date a weirdo or even a stalker and so a little research is probably a terrific idea. But is this whole process just way too much intelligence-gathering for a first date.

    I remember the good ‘ole days when my date didn’t find out I was a loser until the entre’ arrived and then I got to watch what technique she used to get out of it. Fun times!


Christmas Concerts

We are halfway through our Christmas Tour 2010 and I’m struck this year by the great response to the little ‘old school Christmas’ reading we’ve been doing from the stage. The approach is much like a ‘beat poet’ performance and basically includes all the old school stuff I used to enjoy from the 50’s and 60’s. So thanks for the great reaction from the audience. I’ve included the piece below.

I want an old school Christmas, in black and white, when the tv stopped at the stroke of midnight.


No cell phones. No facebook, no myspace or twitter,

We ate tv dinners and watched Mr. Wizard.

Chatty Kathy, Lincoln logs, and water balloons,

Back then we watched when they walked on the moon.


It was Lucy and Ricky, and the Ed Sullivan show,

We didn’t have an xbox we had the yo yo.


I want an old school Christmas. And I want it bad. Now that Santa has email, it’s just plain sad.


We ate Gingerbread cookies and a mug of hot chocolate,

Now it’s blended pumpkin latte for all the cash in my pocket.


Ozzie and Harriet, Donna Reed and, Mr. Ed,

Back when tv couples slept in separate beds.


No smart phones, iPads not even a kindle,

We read about the wisemen  from a leather bound bible.

Poodle skirts  and soda jerks, Jocks and greasers,

No yahoo or google, we didn’t know any baristas.


We passed notes in class. We paid pennies for gas. We had a candy called Pez. The phone rang we had to guess

We ate Rice-A-Roni, We had pixie sticks, when you walked outside the streets were filled with kids. Dobie Gillis, Jerry Mathers, I dreamed of Jeanie. I wrote her a letter…she’ll get back to me.


So heads up Santa I want to go old school I want turn back the clock when old stuff was cool. Wrap up those memories, put em under my tree.

But if you can’t do that…..

I’ll take a nintendo wii.